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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hofmann
Thomas Hofmann, Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Position: Institute director, Head of Research group

+49(0) 6131 17-9266
+49(0) 06131 17-8499
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Important notice

The Institute of Toxicology has no functions in the patient-care field. The analytical testing of harmful substances in human samples is not possible either.


If you have any questions about poisoning incidents, please contact the Giftinformationszentrum Mainz

Clinical Toxicology

Building 605 - Unit 2A (Intensive care)

II. Medical Clinic and Outpatient Department at the University of Mainz

Langenbeckstr. 1

D-55131 Mainz

Poison Information Centre (Mainz): 06131- 19240