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Selected Publications

  • Legscha KJ, Antunes Ferreira E, Chamoun A, Lang A, Awwad MHS, Ton GNHQ, Galetzka D, Guezguez B, Hundemer M, Bourdon JC, Munder M, Theobald M, Echchannaoui H. Δ133p53α enhances metabolic and cellular fitness of TCR-engineered T cells and promotes superior antitumor immunity. J Immunother Cancer. 2021 Jun;9(6):e001846. doi: 10.1136/jitc-2020-001846.
  • Echchannaoui H, Petschenka J, Ferreira EA, Hauptrock B, Lotz-Jenne C, Voss RH, Theobald M. A potent tumor-reactive p53-specific single-chain TCR without on- or off-target autoimmunity in vivo. Molecular Therapy 2019;27(1):261-271.
  • Plaumann J, Engelhardt M, Awwad MHS, Echchannaoui H, Amman E, Raab MS, Hillengass J, Halama N, Neuber B, Müller-Tidow C, Goldschmidt H, Hundemer M. IL-10 inducible CD8+ regulatory T-cells are enriched in patients with multiple myeloma and impact the generation of antigen-specific T-cells. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2018;67(11):1695-1707.
  • Echchannaoui H, Theobald M. Immune Therapy of Lympho-Hemopoietic Malignancies. Oncol Res Treat. 2017; 40(11):652-653.
  • Echchannaoui H, Dietrich K, Theobald M. Adoptiver Immuntransfer und CAR-T-Zellen bei malignen Erkrankungen. Der Onkologe 2017, ISSN 0947-8965 doi: 10.1007/s00761-017-0274-y.
  • Knies D, Klobuch S, Xue SA, Birtel M, Echchannaoui H, Yildiz O, Omokoko T, Guillaume P, Romero P, Stauss H, Sahin U, Herr W, Theobald M, Thomas S, Voss RH. An optimized single chain TCR scaffold relying on the assembly with the native CD3-complex prevents residual mispairing with endogenous TCRs in human T-cells. Oncotarget. 2016; 17(16):21199-221.
  • Distler E, Albrecht J, Brunk A, Khan S, Schnürer E, Frey M, Mottok A, Jordán-Garrote AL, Brede C, Beilhack A, Mades A, Tomsitz D, Theobald M, Herr W, Hartwig UF. Patient-individualized CD8⁺ cytolytic T-cell therapy effectively combats minimal residual leukemia in immunodeficient mice. Int J Cancer. 2016;138(5):1256-68.
  • Thomas S, Klobuch S, Podlech J, Plachter B, Hoffmann P, Renzaho A, Theobald M, Reddehase MJ, Herr W, Lemmermann NA. Evaluating Human T-Cell Therapy of Cytomegalovirus Organ Disease in HLA-Transgenic Mice. PLoS Pathog. 2015; 11(7):e1005049.
  • Sasca D, Hähnel PS, Szybinski J, Khawaja K, Kriege O, Pante SV, Bullinger L, Strand S, Strand D, Theobald M, Kindler T. SIRT1 prevents genotoxic stress-induced p53 activation in acute myeloid leukemia. Blood. 2014; 124(1):121-33.
  • Voss RH, Thomas S, Pfirschke C, Hauptrock B, Klobuch S, Kuball J, Grabowski M, Engel R, Guillaume P, Romero P, Huber C, Beckhove P, Theobald M. Coexpression of the T-cell receptor constant alpha domain triggers tumor reactivity of single chain TCR transduced human T cells. Blood. 2010;115:5154-63.
  • Kuball J, Hauptrock B, Malina V, Antunes E, Voss RH, Wolfl M, Strong R, Theobald M, Greenberg PD. Increasing functional avidity of TCR-redirected T cells by removing defined N-glycosylation sites in the TCR constant domain.  J Exp Med. 2009;206:463-75.
  • Voss RH, Willemsen RA, Kuball J, Grabowski M, Engel R, Intan RS, Guillaume P, Romero P, Huber C, Theobald M. Molecular design of the Calphabeta interface favors specific pairing of introduced TCRalphabeta in human T cells. J Immunol. 2008;180:391-401
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  • Kuball J, Schmitz FW, Voss RH, Ferreira EA, Engel R, Guillaume P, Strand S, Romero P, Huber C, Sherman LA, Theobald M. Cooperation of human tumor-reactive CD4+ and CD8+ T cells after redirection of their specificity by a  high-affinity p53A2.1-specific TCR. Immunity. 2005;22:117-29.
  • Stanislawski T, Voss RH, Lotz C, Sadovnikova E, Willemsen RA, Kuball J, Ruppert T, Bolhuis RL, Melief CJ, Huber C, Stauss HJ, Theobald M. Circumventing tolerance to a human MDM2-derived tumor antigen by TCR gene transfer. Nat Immunol. 2001;2:962-70.