Ageing Research at the University Medical Centre Mainz

Why do some people develop cardiovascular diseases, blood diseases, diabetes, depression and dementia or diseases of the immune system with increasing age? And why are other people resilient against such diseases of ageing and remain physically and mentally healthy even in old age? What mechanisms underlie healthy and pathological ageing and what preventive or therapeutic approaches can promote health in old age? These and other research questions, which are among the most important in an increasingly ageing society, are addressed by the research focus on ageing at Mainz University Medical Centre.

Ageing research at the Mainz location is bundled in the Centre for Healthy Ageing (CHA). A large number of working groups from the University Medical Centre, the Johannes Gutenberg University, the Institute for Molecular Biology (IMB), TRON gGmbH and the Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research work together in this research centre. The Gutenberg Health Study investigates long-term trajectories of normal and pathological ageing and their underlying mechanisms, and the ReALity research network explores fundamental mechanisms of resilience, adaptation and longevity.

Together with the participating partners, the Centre for Healthy Ageing offers a variety of funding programmes for ageing research. Further information can be found on the pages of the CHA, ReALity, the PhD programme on ageing research SHARP and the Clinician Scientist Programme CHANCE.