Are you interested in participating in a clinical trial?

Before entering a clinical trial, the study investigator will give you an in-depth overview of the investigational product or the psychotherapy method, respectively, as well as the aim of the trial and study procedures.

Moreover, you will be informed about the expected treatment effect and possible side effects. Study participation is strictly voluntary, and you will be given sufficient time to make your decision and to discuss study participation with your relatives. Once started, you can also leave the study at any time without any consequences.

After giving your informed consent, the study investigator will enquire whether you fulfill the inclusion criteria, and whether there are any preexisting conditions that prohibit study participation.

Throughout the course of the trial, your wellbeing will be closely monitored during the regular study visits. In case of an unforeseen event, you will be able to contact your study investigator at any time.

At the end of study, a thorough final examination will be performed, allowing for a comparison of your current wellbeing with your health status when entering the study.

Full insurance cover is provided for the complete length of the study, and no costs arise for study participation. Depending on the study, you will receive a travel flat rate.