Our study center offers state-of-the art facilities which comprise

  • Rooms for study procedures:

    • 4 examination rooms
    • 1 room for study monitors
    • 1 conference room

  • Lockers for study material and study medication
  • Security containers according to controlled substances legislation
  • Archive
  • Emergency equipment
  • Modern office equipment
  • ECG machine
  • EEG machine (Brainvision Easycap 64 channel standard EEG)
  • Electrodermal Response Signal Processing EDA (BIOPAC Systems, Inc.)
  • Biofeedback systems (Biosystems Mindfield eSense Skin Response Sensors) including the use in ecologically valid settings, suitable for EMA-Biofeedback, Ecological momentary assessment)
  • Video equipment
  • Locked and temperature-controlle refrigerators and freezers (-20°C, -80°C)
  • Centrifuges