As a university hospital, research is an important and vital responsibility. Both basic and clinical research are concerned with investigating new approaches to diagnostics, prognostics and therapies. Ultimately, efficient and successful research improves patient treatment and care.

New forms of therapy and diagnostic methods are often associated with molecular basic research. Molecular research on cultivated cells or animal models offers a valuable insight into working mechanisms, and of early possible prognostic and diagnostic relevance. Our modern molecular and cell biology laboratories are a fundamental aspect of our Department, sustaining a direct link between basic research and clinical activities.

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Clinical research is concerned with the testing of new medications on patients. All patients recruited for clinical studies have given their formal consent after having been extensively informed on all applicable aspects of the project. The innovative therapy strategies involved in such studies have previously successfully undergone fundamental test procedures, such as analyses of cell culture and animal experiments.

Those patients participating in studies benefit from being treated with the latest most promising, although not completely tested medicines or methods. Their contribution towards improving treatment for future patients is invaluable.

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The publications resulting from the research projects carried out by our Department offer an insight into our current scientific activities.

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