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Pilot study for an epidemiological study investigating the relationship between an exposure to ionizing radiation and cataract development (Katarakt)

Ionising radiation in general is a proven risk factor for the development of opacifications of the eye lens. However, the effects of low doses (below 500 mSv) and the level of a threshold value are still unknown. Albeit the limits for the radiation dose to the eye lens for occupationally exposed persons have been drastically reduced by the ICRP in 2011, it is necessary to investigate the dose-response relation of radiation for low doses and to estimate the risk of radiologically working personal and other people exposed to radiation. A pilot study with a planned number of 50 interventionally working physicians and 50 physicians not occupationally exposed to radiation was initiated to examine the possibility of performing such an investigation with medical personal in Germany. The pilot study will be performed in the rhine-maine-area and the area around Bonn.

Funding: Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS)