Knowledge management through evidence synthesis and systematic reviews to support knowledge translation

  • BMBF - National network COVID-19: Establishment of a COVID-19 evidence ecosystem to improve knowledge management and translation (CEO-sys) (Lieb, Meerpohl (Freiburg) and 24 (extra-) university partners; approx. 4,500,000€ per year (2020-2021)
  • BMBF: REALLIFE as part of the Joint Programme Initiative Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life - DEDIPAC (PI Kubiak), 2013-2016, 110.000 Euro
  • BMBF: Sub-project of the Joint Programming Initiative Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life Measure Policy Evaluation Network JPI HDHL - PEN (PI Kubiak), 2018-2020, 100.000 Euro
  • Volkswagen Foundation: The Independence of Research as a Multilevel Problem: Interdisciplinary and Methodological Challenges (PI und coordinator Lieb). 2016-2020, 1 Mio €
  • GKV: Funding of special therapy facilities for the treatment of patients with pedophilic sexual disorders as a model project according to § 65d SBG V GKV" (Manfred Beutel), 2018-2022, 1,2 Mio Euro
  • Federal Center for Health Education: Evaluation of an internet-based education and prevention campaign on diabetes mellitus (PI Kubiak), 2018, 100.000 Euro
  • BMG: Gender-related use of counseling and treatment services in internet related disorders (IBSfemme) (PI Müller), 2017-2019, 150.000 Euro