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The Department of Pharmacology sees its task in a combination of internationally recognized research and high quality teaching with the aim of improving pharmacotherapeutic care. In this way, we also want to strengthen the reputation of the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University.

The staff of the Department uses a variety of modern techniques in their research: numerous analytical and biochemical methods, all important cell biological and molecular biological techniques, genetically modified animal models and experiments on isolated organs. The current research of the Department is mainly in the field of cardiovascular and urogenital pharmacology, immunopharmacology, drug safety, and women’s health research. Im 2023, 24 scientific publications and book chapters have been published by the Department. We contribute to JGU being ranked in Germany among the three best and worldwide among 100 best universities in the field of pharmacology and toxicology. Over the past 10 years, Prof. Martin Michel was the most-cited German and 21. worldwide expert for urinary bladder disorders (Source). 

The Department's lecturers provide modern high-quality teaching in General Pharmacology and Toxicology and in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, which has been judged as exemplary for many years. Prof. Ellen Closs was awarded the JGU Teaching Award in 2023 for her outstanding teaching achievements.

The Department offers students of medicine and natural sciences (biology, pharmacy, biomedicine, biomedical chemistry and chemistry) a wide range of research opportunities to obtain academic degrees (BSc, MSc, MD, PhD). On average, 6 theses are completed in the Department every year.

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Prof. Dr. Leszek Wojnowski
Acting Director
Prof. Huige Li
Deputy Head


phone: 06131 17-9219


Department of Pharmacology
University Medical Center Mainz
Building 708, 1st floor
Langenbeckstraße 1
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