Light-sheet microscopy facility

The light-sheet microscopy facility, based at the working group of Prof. B. Lutz, provides the possibility to work with the light-sheet microscope Ultramicroscope Blaze (Miltenyi Biotec) and analyze the obtained data using Vision 4D (arivis). The microscope is suited for imaging small (zebrafish brain) large (mouse brain) and very large (whole mouse) samples, rendered transparent using various tissue clearing methods.

If you would like to receive an introduction and training to use the microscope,
please contact  Dr. Margaryta Tevosian 

In the following link we have deposited a PDF document that regulates the terms of use of the Light sheet microscopy facility.

Term of use "Light-sheet microscopy facility" (Pdf-file, 816,3 KB)

Booking system

The booking system of the University of Mainz is used for booking a time slot at the microscope. You can find us by clicking on the image link and searching for “Light Sheet Microscope”.

Booking system
Research Infrastucture
of the University Mainz

Information and links to the microscope and the analysis software


We use the Ultramicroscope Blaze™ from Milenyi Biotec for image acquisition.
For more information and the specifications, please visit the manufacturer's website under this link.


You can find comprehensive information about the "Vision4D" analysis software from arivis on their website. Here you will also find detailed manuals on how to use the software.