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Projektleiter: Dr. Neha Tiwari (DFG TI1040/1-1)

Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of Nfia, Atf3, and Runx2-dependent distal enhancer activation during astrogliogenesis

Laufzeit 2019 – 2021


Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Berninger (DFG BE4182/11-1)
Kooperationspartner: Dr. Alejandro F. Schinder (Instituto Leloir, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Enhancing induced neurogenesis in the damaged cerebral cortex by activation of local microcircuits

Laufzeit 2018 – 2020


Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Berninger, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Beat Lutz

SFB 1193: Neurobiologie der Resilienz gegenüber stressinduzierter psychischer Dysfunktion: Mechanismen verstehen und Prävention fördern

Teilprojekt A02

Laufzeit: 2016-2020


Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Berninger, Dr. Vijay Tiwari

SFB 1080: Deciphering the molecular adaptions underlying network homeostasis when facing the challenge of new neuron integration

Teilprojekt A05

Verbundkoordinator: Prof. Dr. Amparo Acker-Palmer

Laufzeit: 2017-2020


Projektleiter: Dr. Andrea Gamir-Morralla, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Benedikt Berninger (Marie Sklodowska-Curie individual Fellowship)

European Commission: Direct reprogramming of human astrocytes (750624 — Repro_organoid) into functional neurons in cerebral organoids derived from genome edited hiPSCs

Laufzeit: 2017-2019


Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Berninger (01EW1604)

Neuron-ERANET: Understanding and reprogramming developmental visual disorders: from anophthalmia to cortical impairments (ImprovVision)

Verbundkoordinator: Prof. Dr. Paola Bovolenta (ImprovVision)

Laufzeit: 2016-2018


Projektleiter: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Berninger (DFG BE4182/7-1), Univ.-Prof- Dr. Susann Schweiger

Failure in PP2/mTOR signaling, local protein synthesis and its consequences on functional connectivity in neurons from patients with Opitz BBB/G Syndrome

Laufzeit: 2015-2018

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