The Institute of Physiological Chemistry teaches in collaboration with the Institute of Pathobiochemistry the curriculum in Biochemistry/Molecular biology for medical and dental students.

For the preclinical education, you find a list of teaching activities and latest information for registration, class allocations, and exams etc. on the internet site of the Office for Research and Teaching (preclinical teaching office, link), in JOGUSTINE (registration for teaching activites, link) and ILIAS (downloads of teaching materials, link).

If you have questions concerning classes, tests and exams, please contact Dr. Christine Becker ( email, 06131 39 25964). Dr. Matthias Wiens is the teaching appointee of the institute ( email). Informational meetings for the oral exam of the medical exam (“Physikum”) and the dental exam will take place in consultation with the individual lecturer.

We offer special courses, seminars and scientific tutorials for advanced students of medicine, biology, chemistry and pharmacy as well as for bachelor/master and Ph.D. students.

If you are interested in performing your bachelor- or master thesis in a laboratory of the Institute of Physiological Chemistry, please contact the research group of interest.