We conduct excellent patient-oriented clinical and translational cardiovascular research.

With an interdisciplinary team of more than 150 people, we combine the expertise of diverse disciplines and professional groups.

We offer maximum medical care in prevention, diagnostics and therapy of cardiovascular diseases.

National and international cooperation and networking help to expand our holistic approach and make our findings useful for the further development of patient care.


We want to make a sustainable contribution to improving the health of every individual through our research.

We want to provide excellent medical treatment and care by shaping tomorrow's medicine today.

We are committed to the promotion of young scientists and teaching as well as to the training and further development of the team in order to successfully meet the challenges of the present and the future.

With our work, we want to be among the best institutions internationally in cardiovascular research, patient care and teaching.


Innovation through systems-oriented science

Our studies with comprehensive data collection open up the opportunity to identify new factors influencing the course of health, to better understand their complex interaction, and to develop new strategies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Quality through diversity

Our interdisciplinary team enables us to provide high-quality research and excellent medicine through diverse approaches and complementary expertise.

High standards and modern technologies

Standardization, quality management and the use of state-of-the-art technologies enable us to ensure the validity and reproducibility of innovative scientific findings.


Progress through ongoing development

In order to provide the best research and care every day, we strive to continuously develop ourselves personally and as a team.

Motivation and personal commitment

We identify with our tasks and work with heart and soul, since our findings benefit not only a few people, but the general public.

Appreciation and efficiency

We attach great importance to an appreciative and effective working atmosphere and enjoyment of our work.

Professionalism and reliability

We attach special importance to a very good cooperation and highest satisfaction in medical care and scientific cooperation. Therefore, professionalism, flexibility and reliability are of central importance to us.