Lipid Outpatient Clinic

The cardiovascular lipid outpatient clinic is a service for patients with complex lipid metabolism disorders. This outpatient clinic addresses patients who do not achieve therapeutic goals under lipid-modifying therapy (e.g., statin intolerance) or who experience a progression of their cardiovascular disease under conventional lipid-modifying therapy. In addition, as a specialized university outpatient clinic, we are dedicated to the diagnosis and therapy of genetic dyslipidemias and offer the evaluation and, if necessary, initiation of special forms of therapy, such as therapy with PCSK9 inhibitors and lipid apheresis.

The aim of our lipid outpatient clinic is to prevent the occurrence and progression of cardiovascular diseases in patients with complex lipid metabolism disorders using an interdisciplinary approach in terms of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

Range of Services

  • Diagnosis and treatment of complex dyslipidemias in adults with cardiovascular diseases
  • Special lipid diagnostics in patients with progressive cardiovascular diseases under lipid-modifying therapy
  • Evaluation and initiation of specific lipid-lowering therapies for complex dyslipidemias (e.g. lipid apheresis, PCSK9 inhibition)
  • Lipid therapy in patients with statin intolerance
  • Investigation of genetic causes of dyslipidemia
  • Cardiovascular preventive medicine in patients with disorders of lipid metabolism
  • Counseling of patients and relatives in the sense of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention

Required Documents

For the examination in the outpatient clinic, please bring the following documents (if available):

  • Information on previous therapy of dyslipidemia
  • Current medication plan
  • Documentation on comorbidities (incl. reports, if available) and medication intolerances
  • Previous values (<3 months) of lipid parameters (if available: total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides)
  • Referral document (as available)

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