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Vitamin D supports treatment of therapy resistance

Head and neck tumors can be combated more effectively with the "sunshine- vitamin”

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New Collaborative Research Center at University Medical Center Mainz to create basis for tailored immunotherapies

The German Research Foundation (DFG) to fund CRC/TRR 355 with around 13 million euros / Two other biomedical CRCs from Mainz also approved

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Mainz University succeeds with three funding applications for Collaborative Research Centers in the life sciences

Approval by the German Research Foundation confirms strong research in the life sciences at JGU

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Understanding cellular functions: New Collaborative Research Center combines life sciences and polymer research

German Research Foundation has approved new CRC 1551 "Polymer Concepts in Cellular Function" under the aegis of Mainz University

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Continued excellence in DNA repair and genome stability research: German Research Foundation renews Collaborative Research Center 1361 at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz


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Long COVID and pulmonary fibrosis better understood thanks to innovative techniques

An international team of researchers has revealed how scarring occurs in Long-COVID and pulmonary fibrosis using innovative blood biomarkers and X-ray...

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Secret structure in the wiring diagram of the brain

Researchers discover a hidden order in seemingly random connections between neurons

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German Research Foundation approves funding for excellent research in JGU’s core research areas

Successful collaborative projects confirm research strength of the Rhine-Main Universities strategic alliance

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Researchers at the University Medical Center Mainz develop drug against fatty liver hepatitis

Innovative fatty acid proves highly effective and well tolerated in clinical trial

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Together against lung cancer

University Medical Center Mainz signs collaboration agreement with the xprot GmbH and the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg GmbH

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New Collaborative Research Center with participation from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

German Research Foundation (DFG) approves funding for world-class science in the

field of materials science / Renewal of the Collaborative Research...

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Good results for Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in the U.S. News Best Global Universities rankings

Mainz University is among the top 100 European universities

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Excellent scores in the 2021 U-Multirank for Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Top rankings in research, knowledge transfer, and international orientation

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Tattoo made of gold nanoparticles revolutionizes medical diagnostics

Color changes of gold nanoparticles under the skin reveal concentration changes of substances in the body

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Get strong to fight childhood cancer

Launch of European research project FORTEe on digital health and exercise for children and adolescents with cancer

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New insights into the role of the messenger interleukin 17 (IL-17)

Scientists of the University Medical Center Mainz document a relationship between autoimmune disease and the gut microbiome

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BioNTech Publishes Data on Novel mRNA Vaccine Approach to Treat Autoimmune Diseases in Science

  • Collaborative study of BioNTech with TRON and the University Medical Center and Research Center for Immunotherapy at Johannes Gutenberg University of...
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U.S. News Best Global Universities ranking: Mainz University ranked in top 100 European universities

In international comparison, JGU is among the top 100 universities worldwide in Physics as well as in Pharmacology and Toxicology

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Worldwide first implant of a new type of heart valve repair system at the University Medical Center Mainz

Treatment successes prove the innovative strength of Mainz cardiologists

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The digital diagnostic helper: Smartwatch detects severe coronary ischemia

Cardiologists at the University Medical Center Mainz successfully treat an 80-year-old patient after evaluating data from her Smartwatch

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New medical and health research cluster at the University Medical Center Mainz

DIASyM research cluster aims to exploit the potential of mass spectrometry for systems medicine

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