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Medical Documentation



At the start of the 20th century, Paul Otlet defined the term “documentation” as the collection, ordering and utilisation of documents of all kinds. Source:

Core areas

1. Data management and descriptive data analysis in epidemiological and clinical studies

  • Database development and maintenance
  • Data preparation / programming data checks
  • Programming complex macros (SAS)
  • Advice for the creation of questionnaires

2. Training / Teaching / Consulting

  • Training for external cooperation partners
  • Advice for students / support for data collection and evaluation for doctoral candidates
  • Collaboration with the EU MSE Programme
  • SAS contact partner

3. Monitoring the Internet presence of the Institute

  • Administration of the CM system for the Web presence
  • Web mastering for the websites hosted at the Institute

4. Leading, organising and operating the Institute’s library

  • Reference management
  • Literature search for research
  • Procurement of external specialist publications