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Dr. Emilio Gianicolo


Bonifatius Towers, A
18th floor, room 18.15

T: ++49 6131 17 3124

Research Areas

  • Health Services Research
  • Environmental Epidemiology



Ongoing Projects

Curriculum vitae

Dr. rer. physiol. Emilio Gianicolo, MS, MSc

  • Qualifications: Environmental epidemiology andEpidemiological methods
  • Work experience

    • Since 1.1.2020 coordinator AG Evaluation of political intervertions
    • 1.9.2018-31.12.2020 coordinator "Core Facility Health Services Research"
    • 2013-2018 Guest scientist at IMBEI
    • 2005-2008 Researcher at the Institut of Clinical Physiology of the Italian National Research Council, Lecce, Italy - Head of the Biostatistics and Epidemiology Unit
    • 2003‐2004 Researcher at Biomedic Institute, Brindisi, Italy - - Head of the Biostatistics and Epidemiology Unit
    • 1998-2003 Researcher Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), Rome, Italy

  • Academic education

    • 2018 PhD at IMBEI, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Maria Blettner. Title of the doctor thesis: “Health effects of exposure to arsenic: an occupational study”.
    • 2001-2003 Master in „Operational Research and Decision Strategies at the Institute of Statistic „La Sapienza“ University Rome. Main focus: statistics, informatics, sampling, organisation theory. Title of the master thesis: “Methodological aspects related to the measure of the prevalence of obesity among italian children. Results from a longitudinal study with 60.000 families partecipating”.
    • 1994 Study of statistics, econometrics and economocs of european integration at the University College of Dublin, Irland (Erasmus).
    • 1992-1997 Study of statistic and economics at the University Bari, Italiy. Supervisor: Prof. Vincenzo De Cosmo. Title of the master thesis: "Confronto dei principali indicatori di statistica economica dei paesi dell'Unione Europea". (Comparison of EU Countries according to the main macro-economics Indicators). Main focus: descriptiv and inferential statistics, sampling startegies, multivariate analysis.

  • Editorial experience
  • List of my publications
  • Editorial board member of the International Journal Environmental Research and Public Health
  • Review editor of the International Journal of Public Health
  • Served as reviewer for the following journals: Atmosphere, Atmospheric Pollution Research, Clinical Epidemiology, Deutsches Ärzteblatt, Epidemiologia & Prevenzione, Environment International, Environmental Health, Environmental Health Insights, Environmental Research, Environmental Research Letters, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, European Journal of Epidemiology, International Journal of Environmental Resesearch and Public Health,  International Journal of Public Health, Journal of Public Health, Mathematics, La Medicina del Lavoro, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Scince of the Total Environment, PlosOne.