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Oliver Bayer, MSc

Oliver Bayer

Bonifatius Towers, A
18th floor, room 18.04

T: ++49 6131 17 4577

Research Areas

  • Cancer Epidemiology
  • Psychosocial care of cancer patients 
  • Systematic reviews 
  • Evidence-based medicine 

Ongoing Projects

  • Gender-specific referral and concepts for outpatient cancer counselling (WAG-ES!)
  • Motivations for using cancer counselling services - the perspective of those seeking advice and referrers (MONUK)
  • Development of an international questionnaire on quality of life in COVID-19 (COVID-19 QLQ)
  • Need-based access to ambulatory psycho-social cancer counselling for men (BEZUG)


  • Deputy head of department
  • Deputy teaching coordinator IMBEI
  • Scientific advisor Master of Epidemiology Programme (MSE)