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Patient Reported Outcomes in Oncology

This unit deals with the question how patient reported outcomes (PRO) can be implement into clinical trials and in clinical routine so that most knowledge is generated.

We also support colleagues from the University Cancer Centre UCT to plan their studies and analyse their PRO data appropriately.

Chair: Dr. Melanie Schranz

Funding: UCT

Evaluation of political interventions

We combine expertise from epidemiology with economics, political science, health care science, traffic science, psychology, sociology, chemistry and meterology by working closely together with colleagues from other faculties and institutions. We focus on health outcomes but are also interested in other endpoints.

Current projects are:

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chair: Dr. Emilio Gianicolo

Health Economics

Health economics brings together clinical and economic knowledge. It investigates the distribution of financial resources in the health care and social systems.

This unit evaluates health care innovations in various topics. Supported projects are:

We also investigate financial toxicity and return to work in cancer patients and survivors.

Chair: Matthias Büttner

Qualitative Methods

This working group meets regularly to discuss questions from ongoing projects where we use various qualitative methods. We exchange ideas, experiences, and solutions.

This group works without a chair.

Collaborations locally

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