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SoSe 23

The Q1 lectures and practicals Q1 will take place in SoSe 23 as a face-to-face event.

The first lecture will take place on 20.04. in lecture hall 708 (9 am c.t.). The internships will start on 24.04.2023 at IMBEI, Rhabanusstr. 3, 55118 Mainz, Bonifaziustürme, Turm A, 21st floor.

All dates (lectures, practicals and tutorial) can be found in the LMS and in addition:

  • The recording (audio + slides) of the lecture promptly after the lecture in the lecture hall + slides as PDF (before the lecture).
  • References to relevant textbook chapters with preference to textbooks available online.
  • Other documents relevant to the topic, especially the relevant articles from a series of the German Medical Journal.
  • Where possible, references to anvil learning chapters and question pools.
  • Exercises on the topic of the week.
  • The exercises are to be worked on independently until the date of the internship. Questions that arise can be discussed in the lab or in the LMS forum.

A tutorial via MS Teams will be offered on Tuesdays at 18:30 - 19:15. 

The material of all labs and the accompanying lecture is required for the exam.

Please note: the exam (open-book) is scheduled for 07/24/2023 4-5pm in the JGU rooms: ANT + KISS.

All materials and current information about the course can be found by enrolled students in the LMS at: lms.uni-mainz.de/moodle/course/view.php

Further literature

Please note our series on evaluating scientific publications:
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=Blettner [au] AND part[TI] AND series[TI]