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to the pages of IT Service Management.

Our area of activity comprises the effective management and provision of IT services. It includes the planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement of IT services. Our department includes various processes and best practices that serve to ensure the quality, efficiency and reliability of IT services. These include, for example, incident management for the rapid resolution of faults, change management for the controlled introduction of changes, problem management for root cause analysis of recurring problems and service level management for monitoring, compliance with and optimization of agreements.

The aim of our department is to align IT services in such a way that they meet requirements and create added value for our institute. Since the effective implementation of our department, we have already been able to better manage our IT infrastructure, increase employee and cooperation partner satisfaction and improve the efficiency of the IT department. It is important to note that ITS-M is not only focused on technical aspects, but also takes into account the organizational and business aspects. It is about having a holistic view of IT services and continuously improving them to meet changing requirements.