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University Medical Center Mainz, participates in the ENCRYPT Project, funded by the European Union’s Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon Europe, with a duration of three years (July 2022 - June 2025). 


The project’s main goal is to address challenges related to existing Privacy Preserving technologies, thus providing researchers and service providers working with personal and other sensitive data, with a scalable, practical, adaptable privacy-preserving framework facilitating the GDPR-compliant processing of such data stored in federated cross-border data spaces. Within this framework, a recommendation engine for citizens and end-users will be developed, providing them with personalised suggestions on privacy preserving technologies depending on the sensitivity of data and the accepted trade-off between the degree of security and the overall system performance. 


14 partners from 8 countries have formed an interdisciplinary consortium, covering the value chain for privacy-preserving computation technologies, and they will work together for the next 32 months to realise ENCRYPT offer.


University Medical Center Mainz contributes to the testing and evaluation of the resulting ENCRYPT methods and solutions on treatment data made available for research.


For more information, please visit the ENCRYPT Website and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.