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Core areas

Medical informatics (MI) at the University Medical Center in Mainz is distributed over several working and structural groups. In terms of subject matter, there are three areas: “IT for Collaborative Research”, “It Innovation in the University Hospital” and “eHealth”.
Under these headings are topics such as distributed systems, decentralised search algorithms that maintain the data sovereignty of a centre, the use of mobile devices and Web 2.0 applications in patient-doctor interactions, the analysis and development of clinical documentation systems, establishing interoperability on the data and process levels, and empowering patients and citizens to actively take part in the data and specimen streams that affect them.

Tasks and research related to data protection and data security have already been a focus for medical informatics in Mainz for several years. In addition to scientific concepts, we are also involved with user-ready software implementations for our partners. Complex cooperation networks and studies are also incorporated into configurable clinical registries.

Our support of rare disease research networks also distinguishes us, just as our active work within the framework of the Association for Technology and Methods Platforms for Networked Medical Research does.

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