Visual Universitätsmedizin Mainz

Training the Leaders of Tomorrow

We are committed to the promotion of young talent and teaching, as well as to the training and further education of the team in order to successfully meet the challenges of the present and the future. 

In order to fulfil this mission we foster diversity and training in several multidisciplinary programs including postgraduate studies (e.g. (Bio)Medicine, Epidemiology), summer schools, structured programs for physician scientists and high-profile students and actively support efforts to overcome the gender gap and transform promotion of future leaders by fostering synergistic interaction across disciplines.

CESM offers talented students to participate in research schools and excellence networks facilitating access to structured training, mentoring and networking for individual career development, e.g. at TransMed Mainz, CTH Mainz, imb Mainz, DZHK.


Mainz University Medical Center:

Internal Medicine / Cardiology, Center for Cardiology - Cardiology I

  • Compulsory lecture elective course cardiology - subject echocardiography, heart failure
  • Lecture Human Physiology (Vegetative Physiology) - Pathophysiology, Diagnostics and Therapy of Arterial Hypertension

Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis - Clinical Epidemiology:

  • Epidemiology Seminar 
  • Training and continuing education program of the CTH (seminar series)
  • Weekly continuing education within the working group
  • Continuing education in statistics and scientific documentation

Institute of Medical Biometry, Epidemiology and Informatics:

  • Master's program in Epidemiology
    Lecture in the modules:
    - Cardiovascular Diseases
    - Chronic Diseases
    - Example of studies
    - Prevention and Public Health (Risk Scores)

Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf

  • Master's program „Public Health“

    Lecture in the module "Epidemiology and Prevention" - "Epidemiology of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases"

Supervision of diploma, master and doctoral theses

Conducting doctoral seminars (bi-weekly; currently 41 doctoral students, 1 master's thesis, 1 diploma thesis in the working group), echocardiography training, epidemiology training, bio- & databanking.

Those interested in a thesis can contact Ms. Astrid Hochgesand (06131 / 17 - 7439) or at at any time.