Preventive Medicine


"Prevention is better than cure"

The level of knowledge about the origin and course of diseases is greater than ever, also thanks to many new medical-technical procedures that have been made available by research and development up to the 21st century.

Preventive Cardiology and Medical Prevention at the Center for Cardiology specializes in the early detection of the occurrence or progression of diseases. Using the latest internal medicine and cardiology diagnostic methods, measures and recommendations can be derived to control the risk of disease.

This applies to the areas of

  • primary prevention - the prevention of manifest cardiovascular disease in the healthy person,
  • but also to secondary prevention - the early detection of an existing disease that may not yet have been noticed
  • or also to the prevention of the recurrence of events such as heart attacks or strokes in the case of an already known disease - so-called tertiary prevention.

Despite advances in modern medicine, cardiovascular diseases remain the most common cause of illness and death in Germany, but also in the entire world.

For a life as long and as healthy as possible, it is desirable to identify cardiovascular risk factors at an early stage and to take preventive measures. Even if you already have a cardiovascular disease, a survey of your current status is useful to optimize treatment.

Information on Costs

The medical offer of Preventive Cardiology and Medical Prevention is aimed at private patients and self-paying patients.

Our check-up services are billed according to the "Gebührenordnung für Ärzte und Ärztinnen (GOÄ)" rates. You should clarify the coverage of costs in advance through your company or with your health insurance. Upon request, you will receive an individual estimate of costs.