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Current research projects

    • Cardiac and vascular late sequelae in long-term surviviors of childhood cancer (CVSS)
    • Intrinsic Radiotherapy: Identification of biological and epidemiological late effects (ISIBELa
    • Cancer risk after radiation exposure through computed tomography Examinations in infancy (KICT, WWW
    • Second Thyroid Cancer After Radiation Therapy (START)


Completed research projects

  • Evaluation study on computed tomography in children (IndiPrax-CT)
  • Genetic sensitivity, diagnostic x-ray examinations and cancer risk among children (GEDRUKK)
  • Intrinsic radiation sensitivity Identification, mechanisms and epidemiology (ISIMEP)
  • Cross-sectional study on breast cancer risk among female flight attendants (QuBKA)
  • Radon study (WHO International Radon Project; RADPAR)
  • Childhood leukaemia among children in the surrounding areas of radio transmitter stations (KiSS)
  • Iodine Blockage of the Thyroid Gland in case of radiological and nuclear emergencies: systematic review (ITB)
  • Cohort study on the mortality risk among employees in German nuclear power plants (Nuclear Power Workers) NPW)
  • Personalized estimation of long-term outcomes after radiation exposure and orientations help for radiation help in medicine  (PASSOS)
  • Mainz - Nagasaki Radiation Research Initiative (MNRRI)
  • International cohort study on airline personnel ()