Research Interest of the Delacher Laboratory

We are investigating immune cell populations in the context of healthy tissue biology and following pathologic changes of tissues and organs. In our previous work, we have identified a population of regulatory T cells which can promote tissue homeostasis and regeneration (Delacher M et al., Nat Immunol 2017). We could further describe the two-step differentiation process of this special subset of regulatory T cells from progenitors residing in the lymphoid tissue (Delacher M et al., Immunity 2020), as well as the system-immunological consequences of interfering with this differentiation process (Delacher M et al., Nat Comm 2019). In translational studies, we were able to identify the hitherto unknown regulatory T cell subset in human which is involved in tissue regeneration (Delacher M et al., Immunity 2021).

In parallel, we are investigating other immune cell populations for their tissue regenerative potential. Here, we especially focus on the concept that tumors might exploit this tissue regenerative program present in immune cells. Our research might shed a new light on tissue immunology in the context of healthy and diseased tissues, investigating this novel concept in the settings of cancer, chronic and acute infections. In summary, our laboratory is interested in the following questions:

1) How do tissues regenerate? And how does the immune system support tissue homeostasis and regeneration?

2) How does tissue regeneration work upon acute infection, radiation injuries or various types of tissue damage? What is the contribution of the different effector cells of the immune system?

3) What is the function of tissue-regenerative immune cells in the context of tissue ageing, chronic inflammation or neoplastic diseases? Do they support the immunoevasion of tumors?

4) How can we translate our research into the clinic in order to improve patient care?




Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Delacher 
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