Welcome to the Institute of Immunology

The Institute of Immunology is one of the basic research institutes of the University Medical Center Mainz. We conduct immunological research, transfer research results in the preclinical phase and interact closely with clinical partners for the translation of these findings into innovative therapies. Preclinical disease models play a central role in this process. In this regard, several preclinical infection, tumor and asthma models have been established. Using these models, several therapeutic strategies towards the treatment of allergic asthma, autoimmunity and cancer have been developed. To support this research, a modern Flow Cytometry and a state of the art Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) unit as well as Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy units have been established.

Research at the Institute for Immunology aims at a better understanding of immune regulatory mechanisms controlling both the interactions of cells of the innate immune system with each other and cells of the innate and adaptive immune system. The goal is to identify mechanisms and pathways that allow the manipulation of immune responses. This knowledge will be used to develop therapeutic approaches for the treatment of allergic and autoimmune diseases as well as tumor-specific immunotherapies. After preclinical validation, clinical trials will be planned and initiated with the help of clinical partners.


All of this would not be possible without a continuous improvement of the institute’s infrastructure to ensure state-of-the-art research and goes in hand with the recruitment and support of young, well-trained and motivated scientists. Therefore, the Institute for Immunology provides immunological teaching programs within the studies of Biomedicine, Biomedical Chemistry, Medicine and Pharmacy.

Institute of Immunology

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