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Patient Information: Nursing in the Dept. of Neurology


The focus of our care is centered around the patient and their physical, mental and spiritual needs. We take their fears, doubts and physical deficiencies and help them learn how to cope. We see our task, among other things, as the central need to provide the best care possible. We observe, collect and transmit information to our competent doctors and therapists. Diagnostic and therapeutic measures are coordinated. The vital functions, such as blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels are controlled. In addition, we are also intermediaries between patients, relatives and doctors. We "translate" information from the doctors, and facilitate whatever therpeutic needs must be met. We provide the patient with the very best possible care.

If you have any questions, you can contact our Nursing Manager, Carsten Herkommer or Michelé Bohn, at:

Nursing Manager: Herr Carsten Herkommer
E-Mail:  carsten.herkommer@unimedizin-mainz.de
Tel: 06131 17-7399
Fax: 06131 17-5523

Deputy Nursing Manager: Frau Michelé BohnE-Mail: michele.bohn@unimedizin-mainz.de Tel: 06131 17-2176