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Team members

We are always seeking for interested and highly motivated Bachelor, Master or PhD candidates! Please contact us for further details ( 

Principal Investigator

PhD Pietrzik
Claus Pietrzik, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry

+49 6131 39-25390
+49 6131 39-26488

Further Information

Doctoral candidates

Magdalena Kurtyka, M.Sc Neurobiology
Doctoral student
Project: Overcoming the blood-brain barrier for amyloid beta removal and delivery of therapeutics into the brain.

+49 6131 39 26693

Post-doctoral Fellows

Technical Assistance

Johanna Wesselowski

+49 6131 39-26693
+49 6131 39-27931

Further Information

Previous team members:

· Alexander Mazura, M.Sc. Biomedicine

· Dr. Liana Marengo

· Dr. Steffen Storck

· Dr. Anke Ohler

· Jessica Bernard, MD PhD student

· Philip Klecker, MD PhD student

·  Andreas Just, MD PhD student

·  Melissa Schröck, BA Biology

·  Julian Bastelberger, MD PhD student

·  Greta Müller, MD PhD

·  Markus Gindorf, MD PhD

·  André Kachlmeier, MD PhD

·  Simone Steilberg, M.Sc Biology

·  Silke Zimmer, M.Sc Biology

·  Miriam Hillmann, MD PhD