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Moosmann Group


Group Leader

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Moosmann
Bernd Moosmann, Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Professor of Physiological Chemistry
Evolutionary Biochemistry and Redox Medicine

+49 6131 39-26707
+49 6131 39-20185

Further Information

Doctoral Students (Dr. rer. nat./PhD/MD)

MSc (Biology) Kunath
Sascha Kunath, MSc (Biology)
Doctoral Student (Dr. rer. nat)
Thiyl radicals and the biological aging process

+49 6131 39-20186
+49 6131 39-20185

Further Information

Esther-Maria Pauls, cand. med.
MD student
Mitochondria in Parkinson‘s disease

Souid, cand. med.
Alan Souid, cand. med.
MD student
Protein expression in a novel model of Alzheimer’s disease

+49 6131 39 20186
+49 6131 39 20186

Diploma / Master Students

Roman Abrosimov, BSc (Biomedical Chemistry)
Master Student
Evolution of metabolic pathways

+49 6131 39 20186


Selina Sohre, MSc 2015, PhD thesis 2020
Victoria Heymans, MSc 2020
Martha Tews, PhD thesis 2019
Theresa Meyer, State Examination 2017
Mario Schindeldecker, Diploma 2009, PhD thesis 2015
Matthias Granold, PhD thesis 2015
Maike Ohlow, PhD thesis 2012
Andrea Kromer, PhD thesis 2010
Aline Bender, PhD thesis 2009
Jessica Fuhrmeister, MSc 2009
Marcel Stark, Diploma 2008
Lars Werner, Diploma 2007

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