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Admission / Check-in

 In order to help our patients to prepere well for their inpatient admision, we have compiled an admission check-list (Pdf-file, 77,5 KB). This may help you to think of all the items that will be nessesary for your stay.

Since space is limited on our wards, we ask you to bring only those things that you will need for your stay at our Medical Center. We also recommend that you leave your valuables at home. 

There are a few things to attend to when being admitted to the University Medical Center Mainz:

Michael Rodriguez, Administration and billing

First of all, our patients need to check-in at our patient admission Office, where your personal information will be registered. This data is required for the examination, treatment and subsequent billing of the medical charges. Also admission contracts that are relevant for your stay are signed during the admission procedure. You will also be given our “General Terms of Contract” and the “List of Patient Charges” at the patient admissions office.

Of course, your personal information is subject to our 'strict data privacy' policy.

Our patient admission office for international patients is located in our building 301, ground floor, room 0.022. Office hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-11:30 Am, Mon-Thu 1:30-3:00 PM

If you are unable to handle the admission formalities in person, we ask you to authorize a family member or the person accompanying you to do so.

Once all formalities are completed, you can proceed to your ward. Either to check into your room or for an outpatient screening that might be necessary. In most cases a screening for MRSA and multi-resistant gram negative germs is required prior to admission. Your medical department will inform you accordingly in advance.



Heike B. Haegelen
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Angelika Rodriguez
Case Management
Building 301, room 35
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Michael Rodriguez
Billing - international
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