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Outpatient Clinic of Family Assault

The Counseling Center for the Prevention of Sexual Assault on Children in Families offer a low-threshold counseling and therapy service for relatives of families who witness sexual abuse or who are themselves assaulted. In addition to detailed diagnosis, the offer includes individual counseling.

If you belong to one of the groups of people described below, you may benefit from a counseling session with us.

  • Men or women who have committed sexual boundary violations or assaults within the family
  • Men or women who fear committing such boundary violations or assaults
  • Relatives who notice boundary violations or assaults within the family system.

What does the counseling service offer?

For those affected

  • Improving the ability to respect the limits of others
  • identifying and managing dangerous developments and risky situations
  • Strategies to prevent sexual assault

For relatives

  • How to deal with the abuse as well as issues related to guilt and shame
  • The own role in helping the affected child to draw and maintain boundaries
  • Integration of the boundary violations that have taken place into the family picture
  • Reorientation and restoration of family certainties

Consultations can be arranged free of charge and, if desired, anonymously by calling 06131 17-3656 or e-mailing

Here you can find out more about the Family Abuse Outpatient Clinic.