Terms of use and other notices of the FACS und Array Core Facility

Usage authorization

The FACS and Array Core Facility are available to all staff including project groups of the University Medical Centre as well as to external researchers. Basically, the devices of the Core Facility can be operated independently by users after brief instructions by the Core Facility staff or by authorized persons.

The users are liable for all the damages arising from improper use.

Usage fees

A usage fee will be charged for the use of the flow cytometer. This only serves the purpose of covering the operating costs incurred by the organization. Table 1 gives you information about the usage fees of the different flow cytometers. The payment is made every two months. The invoices are usually delivered to the Leader of the working group by internal post (or by email in case of external users). The basis for the invoicing is the booked appointments in the appointment calendar. The usage fee of the flow cytometer for BD FACS Calibur is 18 € per hour; 22 €  for the BD FACS Canto II and 33 € for the BD FACS Vantage.


Flow Cytometer

Usage fees per hour

BD FACS Calibur

18 €


22 €

BD FACS Vantage

33 €

Table 1

Appointment allocation

In order to be able to use the flow cytometer of the Core Facility, the users must book in advance the corresponding device for the entire period of use. The booking is processed online in each appointment calendar:


BD FACS Calibur: my.calendars.net/facslabcalibur

BD FACS Canto II: my.calendars.net/facslabcanto


After entering the registration information in the appointment calendar, the users agree to the terms and conditions of use of the Array Core Facility.

The use of the BD FACS Vantage for cell sorting takes place exclusively after consultation with the operator.

Opening hours

For authorized personnel, there is the possibility to use the devices BD FACS Calibur and BD FACS Canto II at any time of the day or night. For this purpose, the access key can be borrowed from the gate of the “Verfügungs” building against a pledge (usually an identity card). The appointments must always be booked in the online calender of the Core Facility. The key has to be returned immediately after finishing the job.

Data protection

Regular data backup is responsibility of every user. The core Facility is not responsible for the loss of any data.

Exclusion of liability

The staff of the Core Facility cannot be made responsible for irrelevant or false data that may arise from data processing.

Working with GVOs

The FACS and Array Core Facility document all works with GMOs. Thus, it becomes necessary that the working groups, which want to work in the FACS and Array Core Facility with GMOs, complete the GO form and return it to the Project leader in advance. The required operating and hygiene plans are available in the rooms. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (06161-179260).


The FACS and Array Core Facility try to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the information provided on this webpage. Nevertheless errors and ambiguities cannot be excluded completely. The Core Facility accepts no responsibility for the up-to-dateness,correctness, completeness or quality of the published information provided.

The Core Facility shall not be liable for any damages, whether material or immaterial that are caused by the direct or indirect use or non-use of the information provided. The Core Facility reserves the right to alter, amend or delete parts or all of the content without prior notice or to remove the publication temporarily or permanently from the Internet.

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