Dear Visitor,

we welcome you to Cardiology I - General and Interventional of Cardiology, Angiology and Intensive Care.

Our new e-booklet "Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine and Research" (Pdf , 4,9 MB) gives an overview of our department.

Our department enjoys an excellent reputation in the therapy of coronary heart diseases, valvular defects, myocardial diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, and in the field of internal intensive care. Furthermore we offer special outpatients departments for heart failure, lipid disorders and disturbances of blood coagulation and pulmonary hypertension.

Our Portfolio
We offer you specific information about our therapies - please click on the concerning link (work in progress):   

  • cardiac catheterization laboratory
  • interventional heart valve therapy
  • angiology
  • echocardiography
  • intensive care

Where we are
We are located in building 605 (Pdf , 593,8 KB) which meets the requirements of a modern and state of the art university hospital. It provides excellent conditions for both patient care and research.

Outpatient Visits
The Outpatient Area is located in building 605 on the 2nd floor. For appointments, please contact my office at 0049 6131 - 17 7251.

Appointments for a clinical treatment can be made via our Inpatients Office (phone number: 0049 6131 17-3290). The rooms are mostly one- or two-bed-rooms. With the exception of the intensive care unit, rooms for patients room have separate bathrooms, TV, radio and telephone. Internet connection is available when you bring your own notebook.
On the day of admission please come to our Inpatients Office on the 2nd floor at room nr. 2238 where you will be informed about your schedule in detail.

In case of any questions or changes in admission dates from your side please contact us by phone (0049 6131 - 17 7251).

In case of a medical emergency, please come to our emergency service in building 605 (ground floor), or contact us via phone: 06131 17- 3035. Especially if you have symptoms for a cardiac infarction (chest pains, nausea etc.), our Chest Pain Unit (Tel. 06131 17-7777) will take care of you.

Annual Report
For further information please refer to our:
Annual Report 2017 (Pdf , 44,7 MB) It offers you worth knowing information about our clinic and about cardiovascular disorders and diseases.

Thank you for considering Cardiology I.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Münzel

Director of Cardiology I
Universitiy Medical Centre
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Our E-Booklet "Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine and Research"