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Research Groups in the Department of Neurology

In addition to patient care, the members of the Department of Neurology also conduct a broad range of research spanning basic neuroimmunological research to clinical pain research. This research is published in international scientific journals and is supported by public, private and international funding.

More details about the research conducted in the Department of Neurology can be found on the individual research group webpages:

Prof. Zipp: Neuroimmunology

Prof. Bittner: Translational Neuroscience

Prof. Birklein: Pain

Prof. Groppa: Movement Disorders, Neurostimulation and Neuroimaging

Dr. Winter: Epilepsy

Prof. Gröschel: Neurovascular Stroke Research

Asst. Prof. Uphaus: Translational Neurology

Associated Group: 

Asst. Prof. Muthuraman: Biomedical Statistics and Multimodal Signal Processing