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Asst. Prof. Uphaus: Translational Neurology

Our research vision is to unravel pathophysiologic aspects of autoimmune and ischemic disorders of the CNS in order to implement novel therapies for Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke. We examine the dysfunction of the neurovascular unit, with a focus on components of the extracellular matrix as key players of immune-cell trafficking through the BBB. In particular, we are interested in the value of the Blood Brain Barrier for neuronal integrity in animal models of Multiple Sclerosis and cerebral ischemia. Moreover, we aim to translate markers for BBB integrity and neuroaxonal damage as prognostic and diagnostic tools in the clinical context of neuroimmunologic and ischemic disorders of the CNS. The ultimate goal is to answer clinical-derived questions of patients with cerebral ischemia (Heart and Brain axis) and Multiple sclerosis in the context of prospective multicenter studies and randomized trials.

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Examples of current translational research activity

  • AS5F risk score calculator: Deutsch / Englisch
  • EGFL7 (red) binds immune cells in the perivascular space in MS lesions (Image: Timo Uphaus)