On the ward

Medical care


The primary contacts regarding your medical healthcare will be the physicians in charge of your ward. They carry out their work according to the directions given by the head of the corresponding department or clinic.

Physicians from other departments may be called in for consultation if required for medical reasons. Surgery and diagnostic procedures may only be performed after you have given your informed consent.

Our physicians will therefore provide you with a detailed explanation in a clear and understandable manner on the significance and consequences of any planned procedure. They will also be happy to answer any question you may have regarding your illness, its causes and its treatment. For your protection, all staff members at the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany, are bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. Therefore, please tell your physician(s) which person(s) may be informed about your condition. This also applies to your family members and the family physician you specified during admission (also see “University Medical Center Mainz Data Privacy”).


In the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany,  you will be cared for by qualified nursing staff. The nursing staff works shifts (early/late/night shift) to ensure full 24-hour nursing coverage for you. Continuous nursing documentation and handover between shifts guarantees that all information on your state of health is shared between the staff members. The nursing staff mission is based on the following guidelines:

•    We respect each human being as the individual he/she is and honor his/her personality, irrespective of sociocultural background, religion and beliefs.
•    We convey security and confidence to our patients and their family members.
•    We want to sustain patient independence, as well as discover and enhance their abilities and resources.
•    We explain the necessary nursing measures, pass on information about them and want to define them together with the patient.
•    During the last phase of life, we will not leave moribund patients alone but will accompany them, their family members and friends.

We can only implement these principles with your cooperation.



Your medical care is not the only thing that is important to us – providing you with healthy nutrition during your hospital stay is also one of our highest priorities.

As a large-scale caterer we provide meals for about 1,600 patients each day. Please inform the nursing staff during the admission interview if you have any allergies, dietary requests or aversions to certain foods. This information will be entered into our meal ordering program and take effect after the second meal at the latest. If you require a special diet not listed in our ordering program, please ask the nursing staff to contact the head of our dietary services or the kitchen office.

You will be given your menu in person by a menu assistant. Each ward also keeps some reserve menus for patients admitted later during the day or not present during mealtime. Please get in contact with the nursing staff to request one of these. You will be asked for your meal preferences by our menu assistants on all wards Monday through Friday (except on holidays).

On the day of your discharge, you will be given breakfast. Should you be discharged after lunch, you can avail yourself of the catering offered in the visitor’s coffee shops and the cafeteria of the University Medical Center (building 304). Of course, these are also open to family members, visitors and anyone accompanying you

Visiting hours

Visitors are welcome guests for you and us. Visiting hours vary from department to department. For details, please contact the department in question directly. Please note that for instance visiting hours are quite different for intensive care units.

Please show consideration to your fellow patients and coordinate your visits with them to avoid any overcrowding. Animals are not allowed on the premises or in the buildings.

Smoking and alcohol

Nicotine and alcohol are detrimental to the healing process. For this reason as well as in consideration for your fellow patients and the risk of fire, smoking is prohibited in all buildings of the University Medical Center. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is also prohibited on all premises of the University Medical Center.

Multimedia terminal (Internet, television, radio, games and telephone)


Your room is equipped at least with a television set and telephone. Most departments even provide a multimedia terminal in your room. This terminal allows you to choose between different modes of operation, i.e. internet access, television, radio, games and telephone. Television and radio are provided free of charge.

Telephone daily rate:

2.00 EUR plus charges (0.12 – 2.00 EUR) per call

Internet access 24 hours flatrate:

3.00 EUR

Games´ 24 hours flatrate:

0.50 EUR

More information about how to operate the terminal you will find in a manual at your bedside.

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