Lipidomics Core Facility

Lipidomics group has acquired over the past years a solid experience and knowledge in extraction and targeted quantification of various lipids in biological matrices from various species and humans.

We have developed and standardized extraction protocols for endocannabinoids, glycerophospholipids, endocannabinoid-like molecules in tissues of various origin: brain, peripheral organs, biological fluids such as blood, plasma, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid, as well as cultured cells and supernatant.

We have tailored and standardized protocols for sample collection or tissue isolation, storage and transport to the biological sample and its origin. These standardized protocols ensure reliable comparative studies of lipid levels across and between cohorts.

Through semi-automatisation of lipid extraction and parallel quantification we are able to increase the analysis throughput to more than 50 samples a day.

These developments have led to establishing of several targeted lipidomic solutions which are offered to academic institutions, hospitals for pre-clinical and clinical research, and industrial partners.

The following lipidomic solutions are available for the Lipidomics Core Facility on a fee-for-service bases and/or co-authorship:

  •  Extraction and multiplex quantitative analysis of endo- and exocannabinoids from biological fluids and tissues
  • Extraction and multiplex quantitative analysis of eicosanoids from biological fluids and tissues
  • Extraction and multiplex quantification of glycerophospholipids from biological fluids and tissues
  •  Co-extraction and quantification of endocannabinoids and eicosanoids in biological fluids and tissues
  • Per-request development of protocols for extraction and quantification of specific lipids

For information on conditions for collaborations, prices, and protocols for sample processing and submission please contact:

Dr. Laura Bindila


Tel: +49 6131 39 25794