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Core Research Programs

Over the last years, four scientific and translational Core Research Programs have been established at the UCT Mainz. Regularly scheduled meetings within these programs ensure the development of future research concepts and funding strategies.

Cancer Immunotherapy

The contributions of UCT members to tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy emanated from a four-decade-long investment in immunology. Activities range from …
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Genetic Instability & Resistance

Genomic instability represents a hallmark in carcinogenesis and is also intimately linked to cancer therapy, as many conventional treatments, such as ionizing radiation or chemotherapeutics act by means of their …
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Molecular Diagnostics in Early Detection of Cancer


Early detection of tumors represents a widely consented strategy to decrease cancer mortality and morbidity. Currently, early detection is limited to few tumor entities and employs techniques like … 
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Cancer Epidemiology

The UCT Mainz has a long-standing expertise in cancer epidemiology and outcome research with a specific focus on the identification of risk factors for cancer incidence and mortality and on late effects after cancer treatment …
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