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Research Training Programs


Starting in 2016, the UCT Mainz annually enrolls four physician-scientists into the "Mainz Research School of Translational Medicine" (TransMed) graduate school program, taking advantage of an already well-established infrastructure. Successful application requires a strong focus on cancer research and an individual career development plan dedicated to translational oncology. The program will be open to all members of the UCT Mainz and candidates will be enrolled upon a competitive selection process. TransMed offers an attractive curriculum with maximum flexibility in translational research for both physician scientists and natural scientists. Currently, 39 students are enrolled in the program (5 MD/PhD candidates, 34 PhD candidates).

Master Degree Programs

The UCT Mainz supports Master Degree Programs aiming at enabling optimal training in translational cancer medicine, such as the Master degree in Biomedicine and the Master degree in Epidemiology.

Overall training of MD candidates and physicians

Overall training of MD candidates and physicians, either as clinical or physician scientists, is well-established at the UMM. Within the last five years, around 1,620 MD candidates have completed their thesis in topics covering either basic scientific or clinical topics and have worked on their project embedded in various training programs such as DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centers (SFBs).

Further training programs

Further training programs in part covering cancer research include the Virchow Fellowship-Program of the Center of Thrombosis and Hemostasis (CTH) and the Science Transfer Program funded by the Medical Faculty.


UCT organizes the regular "New Horizons in Oncology". The UCT serves as co-organizer of an equivalent seminar series on cancer immunotherapy primarily organized by either FZI or TRON.