Cell Biology Unit (CBU)

As a research platform of the Medical University Mainz, the Cell Biology Unit is contributing towards basic and translational research at UMC. We study signaling pathways that control fundamental cellular processes like migration, differentiation and cell death. Our major focus is on the components of ubiquitome and kinome. Deregulation of these signaling pathways often result in the development of cancer and immune disorders. The goal is to decipher the disease-causing molecular changes in cells in order to target them therapeutically. Please look into our recent publications and research highlights for further information.

As a member of the FZI, the CBU also hosts the Core Facility of Microscopy (headed by Prof. Harms), which provides access and training in new and advanced lightmicroscopic techniques. Please find further details in the link to the ICF here. Together with Leica, a reference center was founded, which will provide novel technical developments for the research fraternity in Mainz as well as the large Rhine-Main area.


Prof. Dr. Krishnaraj Rajalingam

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Heike Weitz

Administrative Assistant

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