The Department of Biometry and Statistics has many years of experience both in the evaluation of large observational studies and in the planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical studies. We advise scientists in our projects and collaboration projects from clinical and experimental disciplines in regards to their research project. This includes experimental planning, project design, choice of statistical methods and analysis of the collected data. Our core competence lies in the completion of statistical evaluations and the preparation of the results through standardized outputs. Data visualization also plays a primary role in making complex coherences graspable. Furthermore, we support scientists in interpreting the results of clinical and epidemiological studies and conduct critical reviews of scientific papers.

Our focus:

  • Study design and sample size planning
  • Imputation of missing values
  • Statistical modeling
  • Regression analyses
  • Survival time analysis 
  • Nonparametric methods
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Data visualization

In addition, biometric methods are further developed and optimized within the department through our own statistical research. We offer internal training courses on general statistical subjects and statistical software (R, SPSS, SAS).

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