Research Core DIASyM

The Mainz Research Core "
Data-Independent Acquisition-based Systems Medicine: Mass spectrometry for high-throughput deep phenotyping of the heart failure syndrome" (DIASyM) is located at the University Medical Center and the Johannes Gutenberg University and comprises a multidisciplinary consortium with expertise in mass spectrometry, systems medicine and (bio)informatics.

The aim of DIASyM is to develop a better understanding of pathomechanisms of the heart failure syndrome and the subsequent clinical application. To this end, innovative methods and workflows are being developed which include all steps from sample preparation to data analyses.

DIASyM receives its biosamples from the MyoVasc Cohort Study and the Gutenberg Health Study (GHS). These samples are analyzed at the proteomic, lipidomic and metabolomic levels.

Systems medicine based on data-independent measurement methods: mass spectrometry-based high-throughput phenotyping of heart failure syndrome