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1. What kind of medical healthcare does the University Medical Center Mainz offer international patients?

The University Medical Center Mainz provides the medical spectrum of a center of supramaximal care. We can offer a large range of our recognized expertise to international patients as well, in particular in the fields of:

  • Cardiology, cardiovascular and heart valve surgery
  • ENT (e.g. cochlear implantation)
  • General Surgery (e.g. thyroid, pancreas, liver, life kidney donation and transplantation)
  • Hematology
  • Maxillofacial and oral surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Oncology 
  • Center of preventive medicine (Check-ups)
  • Ophthalmology (e.g. kreatoplasty, pediatric glaucoma center)
  • Orthopedics
  • Radiation therapy and radio oncology
  • Reproductive medicine and human genetics
  • Urology (e.g. Da Vinci surgery)

2. What kind of documentation do I need to provide when requesting treatment?

Please note the information we provide for "Treatment inquiries" and "Contact us".

3. Will my personal and medical data be protected?

The University Medical Center Mainz greatly values the protection of personal and medical data. All our employees are subject to our strict regulations concerning confidentiality and data protection.

If you assign your treatment inquiry to a third party or would like to involve someone in your treatment, we ask you to fill and sign our release from medical confidentiality (available in English/German (Pdf , 91,1 KB)or Arabic/German (Pdf , 102,4 KB)).

As soon as we receive the completed document, signed by the patient, we can reveal treatment offers, personal information and cost estimates to the authorized person.

4. Is immediate admission possible for emergency patients?

To our patients from abroad we can offer planed and financially secured treatment. For urgent treatment inquiries we will of course determine the possibility for near-term admission. We strongly advise patients not to travel/arrive without our admission assurance.

In the event of a medical emergency requiring hospital treatment, you should first visit a local hospital.

5.1. How is a cost estimate compiled?

5.2. Are fixed rates available for planed treatments?

5.3. Is payment by instalments an option?

Based on the medical documents you submit, your treatment demand will be determined by an experienced specialist in the respective field. The treatment tailored to your needs sometimes also requires the expertise of other specialist areas, so that an interdisciplinary team works out an optimal treatment offer for you. Based on the treatment plan offered by the expert(s), the expected costs are calculated.

A cost estimate consists of several components, such as general hospital services, including surcharges for unexpected complications and prolongation of treatment, nursing costs, medical services, single room charges, and administrative and patient management fees. The costs are determined on the basis of the German DRG price catalogue and the German medical fee schedule (GOÄ).

Our cost estimates consider all expected treatment costs, based on the information available at the time. We would like to point out that it is always an estimate. Treatment costs can be affected by many factors and not all are known or can be overseen in advance. Please note that you will only be charged for medical measures actually taken. If - for example - a treatment plan needs to be adapted or relevant secondary diagnoses apply, the final invoice can be higher or lower than originally estimated. For this reason fixed rates cannot be offered to our patients.

According to the individual cost estimate, the University Medical Center Mainz requires self-paying patients to pay the expected costs in advance. The requested amount serves as financial security for your treatment and includes all treatment costs expected. Please understand that we therefore cannot offer payment by instalments.

Our International Medical Services team will answer any questions you may have regarding your cost estimate.

5.4. How will I receive a refund for a positive balance?

Please note the information we provide for "Discharge and final payment".

7.1. How soon can I start treatment once prepayment has been made?

We always strive to offer patients near-term treatment. Usually you are offered the soonest possible appointment or your preferred date, whenever possible.

However, availability and urgency will determine how soon patients can start treatment. A few of our medical departments do have a waiting list, due to very high demand. We inform you if a waiting list is relevant for an inquiry.

Please keep in mind that obtaining medical visa in your home country might take some time and should be considered accordingly. Therefore we advise patients to contact the relevant German Embassy early on.

7.2. Why is an outpatient appointment for preliminary examinations necessary before admission?

Depending on the clinical picture, preliminary examinations may be necessary before your hospitalisation. In any case, smear tests must be taken for the screening for multi-resistant germs (especially MRSA, MRGN). This measure serves the safety of all our patients and staff. It should be taken about 3-5 days before admission. Patents tested positive for multiresistant germs do require treatment under protective and hygienic measures when hospitalized.

7.3. Can I be admitted on the day of arrival?

This can be offered in consequence of certain medical conditions. Leading physicians of the medical department in question will decide, based on the medical indication. Since an adequate bed must be kept clear for the patient, the request and decision must be made in advance.

Even in these cases the screening for multiresistant germs is performed. Patients will be admitted under isolation measures until the screening results are available.

8. Will my eating habits be considered?

Common eating habits (e.g. vegetarian, muslim) can be recognized by our patient catering. However, we advise you to inform the staff on the ward proaktiv and prematurely.

If your state of health requires a special diet you will of course receive meals that take this into account.

9. Where can I stay in Mainz if I accompany a patient or before/after my inpatient stay?

Please note the information our site provides for "Accommodation in Mainz".

10. How do I get to the University Medical Center Mainz?

Please follow our link "How to find us".

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