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Information on finance


All financial matters are handled by our International Medical Services and the Patient Management. Please address all your questions concerning treatment costs and payment terms to our office, rather than our medical staff.


  • Self-paying patients

Based on the assessment and the feedback we receive from our doctors, our International Medical Service can provide patients with a cost estimate. Please note that these cost estimates are always preliminary and based on the information currently available. The actual treatment costs can differ and either exceed or be less than the cost estimate. This can occur due to adaption of treatment plan, alternative treatment requirements, relevant secondary diagnosis, complications, prolonged or shortened length of stay, etc.

An agreement for medical fees based on the German GOÄ-medical fee schedule is mandatory for self-paying patients.

We require advance payment for all our consultations and treatment. Our cost estimates state a sum that we ask you to provide prior to the planned procedures. Your pre-payment can be made by bank transfer or – if applicable - on site by credit card.

After the settlement of all accounts excess payment will be refunded.

Once you finished treatment your invoices from all the departments involved will be gathered by our patient management department. Please understand that sometimes it can take a few weeks until we can provide you with our final invoice and - if applicable - a refund.


  • Embassy-Patients

The University Medical Center Mainz does accept payment guarantees from some Embassies. Please note: Only treatment enquiries that are brought to us by the issuing Embassy can be accepted.

Advance payment is not necessary for patients who hold a valid payment guarantee of their Embassy, made out to our clinic.


  • EU-Patients

Patients from EU-countries participating in the EU Social Security Agreement can, under certain circumstances, obtain treatment with a S2 (E112) certificate, submitted by the statutory health insurance of your home country. Please note that applications for a S2-certificate must be made prior to treatment and arrival in Germany.



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