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Sample Processing around Easter 2022

Sample Processing around Easter 2022 (Pdf-file, 241,9 KB)

Diagnostics compact - Overview

Sample Collection

Report information


Direct preparation ("D-Mikro") - definition and execution

Note on the speed of microbiological diagnostics

Sample reception

Place of sample reception:

Institute of Medical Microbiology
Hochhaus am Augustusplatz (building 905)
8th floor, room 807
55131 Mainz

Phone:  +496131 17 -9158
Fax.: +496131 17 -9159

Claudia Schrade and her team receive the samples and forward them to the various laboratories.

Regular sample collection times


Monday to Friday

8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday

8:00am - 1:00pm

Clinical patient samples are processed daily

In order to optimize diagnostic patient care, clinical patient samples are also processed on all Sundays and holidays, thus avoiding longer processing times for samples received by us on these days.

The following diagnostics are also performed on all days:

  • Microscopy of the following clinical samples: Blood cultures, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  • Cryptococcal antigen from CSF
  • Legionella antigen from urine
  • Pneumococcal antigen from urine
  • Diagnostics for C.difficile toxin (PCR) from native stool

Please make your decisive contribution by ensuring that the samples are quickly transported to our laboratory:

For the senders of the University Medical Center, this means informing the transport service electronically via "Logbuch" on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays after sample collection, so that the samples arrive in our laboratory in a timely manner.



Particularly relevant patient samples (e.g. necrotizing fasciitis, mycotic aneurysm) can also be announced by contacting the microbiologist on duty outside regular hours.

(Contact via the clinic headquarters Phone: +496131 17-0)

These samples can be deposited in the red emergency mailbox outside the regular sample collection times:

  • this box can be found in the elevator area of the 8th floor of the high-rise building at the Augustusplatz (bldg. 905)
  • please move the magnetic button to "sample inserted"



Report information

In SAP, the microbiological/virological preliminary and final findings can be accessed via the patient organizer, from where a cumulative report overview with antibiogram history is also possible in i/med.
(Instructions: Findings view microbiology/virology (Pdf-file, 945,6 KB))

We are at your service:

  • General questions - information on reports Phone:  +496131 17-9158

  • If you have any questions regarding interpretation of findings, therapy recommendations, etc., please contact one of our physicians. A colleague can be reached on all working days between 08.00-18.45 at the Institute and outside these hours via the service telephone (contact via the clinic's central office 06131 17-0)

Please note:

  • With regard to questions of hospital hygiene or virology, we refer to the corresponding competent institutions (hygiene, virology).



Blood cultures and liquors, sterile controls

+496131 17-9165

Respiratory specimens, gynaecological swabs, mucous membrane swabs, catheter tips

+496131 17-9203

Urine samples

+496131 17-9203

Stool samples

+496131 17-9235

Varia (intraoperative samples, biopsies, secretions, swabs etc.)

+496131 17-9235

Mycobacteria, Tuberculosis

+496131 17-9258

Infection Serology

+496131 17-9099

Molecular Biology

+496131 17-9098

Screening tests: MRSA/MRGN/VRE

+496131 17-9132

CF Lab

+496131 17-9132

Plant laboratory (all new samples)

+496131 17-9163

Direct preparation ("D-micro")

Definition: The direct preparation is a microscopic, gram-stained preparation that is prepared promptly from native material on the day the specimen is received.

The following criteria must (!) be met:

  • The result of the direct preparation has therapeutic consequences (change of antimicrobial treatment according to microbiological recommendations).

  • The result of the direct preparation contributes to confirming the clinical diagnosis.

  • It is a primarily sterile patient sample.

  • With liquid samples: macroscopically purulent or clouded.

  • A maximum dose of one antimicrobial substance was administered.

Direct preparations are not recommended:

  • Under ongoing antimicrobial treatment.

  • If calculated antibiotic therapy has already been initiated.

  • With liquid patient samples that are macroscopically clear.

  • With removed foreign material/prostheses.

  • From heart valves.

Performance data: The sensitivity is about 104 colony forming units/ml and is therefore significantly lower compared to culture. A negative microscopic result therefore never excludes the presence of an infection. Only orienting microscopic results can be expected (Gram-positive cocci, Gram-negative rods). A definitive species diagnosis or resistance determination is not possible.

Execution: The prompt transmission of the results requires the indication of a contact person including the pager number/telephone number.

During office hours ...

it is sufficient to clearly indicate "D-Micro" on the request form. Corresponding stickers are available from our sample collection department (Phone: +496131 17-9158).

After office hours...

  • the preparation of a direct preparation is to be understood as an emergency consultation order. The microbiologist on call reserves the right to check the indication.

  • The employees of the sample transport service  must be informed electronically via "Logbuch" by the sending department that the sample needs to be brought immediately to the Institute of Medical Microbiology as a registered direct preparation and will not be stored until the next day as is usually the case.
    If the microbiologist on duty is not yet on site, a night mailbox (building 905, high-rise building at Augustusplatz, 8th floor next to the elevators) is available for placing the sample in. (Please adjust the magnetic button "Sample inserted")



Note on the speed of microbiological diagnostics

An examination can only begin once the patient sample has arrived at the laboratory!

  • Rapid diagnostics: microscopic preparation, antigen detection if necessary

  • Cultural detection 24 - 48 hours (individual pathogens depending on the generation time up to several weeks), germ determination in positive blood cultures usually 2-4 hours after positive culture

  • Antibiogram / Respecific resistance mechanisms: another 24 hours each time

  • In principle, you will be informed by telephone and fax about relevant positive results (e.g. germ detection from primarily sterile patient samples).


General Inquiries

+496131 17-9158 or by  e-mail

For concrete demands:
Further contact persons

Second sample collection

on workdays                                         8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sat/Sun/Public holidays   8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
In urgent cases, you can reach the microbiologist on duty outside these times via the clinic switchboard +496131 17-0 (until 18:45 hrs by pager, afterwards via business phone).


Examination order forms:

Order for transport media

Registration form PHYSICIANS

Laboratory diagnostics at the University Medical Center Mainz