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ABS course

Antibiotics are a cornerstone in the management of bacterial infectious diseases. Their efficacy is limited by the consequences of an increasing development of resistance worldwide, especially in some Gram-negative bacteria, so that it is more important than ever to use the substances available to us adequately and rationally.

"Antibiotic Stewardship" is an anti-infective strategy that takes the above conditions into account, consists of several building blocks and will only be effective if many disciplines work together.

We are interested in informing and training as many medical colleagues as possible about modern strategies of anti-infective therapy. The following events will be conducted and supported by us:

  • License in infectious medicine
  • Course to become an ABS representative physician according to BAEK guidelines  (Pdf-file, 309,7 KB)                            in cooperation with the Academy for Medical Education this one-week ABS basic course (=Module 1 Curriculum BAEK) is held once a year in autumn.

    Previous ABS basic courses (=Module 1 Curriculum BAEK):

    May 2017            [grade 1,4]
    November 2017  [grade 1.5]
    October 2018      [grade 1.3]
    November 2019  [grade 1.4]
    June 2021 (online) [grade 1.4]  
    November 2021
    November 2023

    Further dates (continuous planning) TBA


  • Courses to become an ABS expert in accordance with BAEK guidelines (Pdf-file, 309,7 KB) in  cooperation with the      Academy for Medical Training, the advanced modules are offered annually (alternating between Module 2 and Module 3) in spring as a one-week advanced training course.                  
  • Module 4 (ABS project work) and the final module 5 are conducted in consultation with the participants of module 3.

     ABS Module 5: 29 May 2020 // 30 October 2020
     ABS Module 4: 1 April 2022

  • Previous courses:

      ABS fellow course (module 2) May 2018 [grade 1,2]

      ABS advanced course (module 3) June 2019 [grade 1.4]

      ABS fellow course (module 2) Sept. 2020  [grade 1.3]

      ABS advanced course (module 3) Sept. 2021 [grade 1.4]

      ABS fellow course (module 2) May 2022

      ABS advanced course (module 3) April 2023

Next course dates (continuous planning):



In addition, we regularly offer infectiologically interesting events: