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Order-Entry: our electronic order

As an alternative to an order via our requisition forms, we offer a convenient electronic order entry from the SAP system.

If you are interested, please contact us; we will be happy to inform you:

Technical laboratory management:  Ms. Gina Nau
Senior Physician:  Dr. Thomas Schwanz

Basic requirements

  • Order label printer: Model Zebra GK420t

    • usable also for requirements of central laboratories
    • Order via the central purchasing department

  • Order of suitable labels: Order via the central purchasing department (OPAL Associates GmbH (Am Vogelsberg 5, 78479 Reichenau, Germany) Label roll Thermo TOP 39x27mm [Thermo direct adhesive labels, permanent adhesive blank].
  • Installation and integration of the printer via SC6
  • Activation of the station or organizational unit via SC6
  • Training and instruction by our technical laboratory Management or feel free to review this Video (German only)

What Order-Entry can do

  • Complete digital data transfer to our laboratory system
  • Transfer of stored SAP patient data

    • Mix-ups are reduced
    • Clear allocations are facilitated

  • No illegible handwritten information
  • Comfortable management of relevant patient information

    • One-time recording of medical history and anti-infective medication
    • In case of a new order these are suggested modifiable
    • Storage of information in the system for 7 days

NEW since December 2017

We have introduced "profiles":

  • Diagnostic bundle "Outpatient acquired pneumonia in intensive care unit": Blood cultures (2x2 bottles), Legionella Ag from urine and tracheal secretion or sample from the respiratory tract
  • Advanced diagnostics "Atypical pneumonia": Legionella Ag from urine, molecular biological diagnostics from bronchial secretion / BAL for Legionella, Pneumocystis jirovecii, Chlamydophila pneumoniae and Mycoplasma pneumoniae.
  • Diagnostic bundle "Serology culture negative endocarditis: Serology of Bartonella and Coxial
  • Various screening profiles (MRSA, MRGN, VRE): for  risk patients on admission to intensive care units

What is to be considered in principle?

  • Recording of up to 10 different samples within the Order Entry Mask is now possible again:

    • The system supports you by keeping the information about therapy and anamnesis active when creating new orders.

  • "Splitting of a sample"

    •  if possible 1 "tube" or transport container per request: e.g. 1 container for molecular biological diagnostics (PCR) and 1 container for culture diagnostics

    Request for "Mycobacteria" separately from "General Bacteriology" in different containers

  • Do not "Order findings on suspicion"

    • Create orders only if the timely shipment of samples is assured (otherwise the time information for sending samples is incorrect) You can correct or cancel orders that have not yet been received by us at any time in Order-Entry.

  • Focusing on concretely necessary / meaningful examination requirements

    • Order-Entry is supported, but not adapted to the specific clinical case. (see examples)

    Please contact us if you are not sure, we will be happy to advise you.

  • Clear and unambiguous information for each sample

    • Sample type
    • exact location of the sample origin
    • if necessary, page designation

This information is often decisive for a later interpretation of findings.

  • Correct labeling of transport vessel / "tube

    • attach the correct barcode label lengthwise
    • arrange for rapid transport to our institute

Stick on correctly lengthwise

  • Transport containers that are not or incorrectly labelled can often no longer be allocated: This results in disadvantages for patients as well as for processing by laboratory and ward personnel.
  • Please inform the transport service (Tel.: 4454) on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays after sample collection so that the samples can reach our laboratory as soon as possible.

Your feedback is important to us

We are interested in continuously improving the Order-Entry module and would be grateful for any suggestions / ideas for improvement.

Our technical laboratory management ( E-Mail) will be pleased to help you.

Examples of primarily not essential requirements


Meaningful diagnostics

Primary often not indicated

Mycobacteria from e.g. sputum

Mycobacteria" ± "PCR on M. tuberculosis

General bacteriology

Legionellosis via urinary diagnostics

Legionella Ag from urine sample

General bacteriology

Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea

C.difficile toxin from native chair

General stool diagnostics