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Overview of our sample vessels

Blood culture-bottles

"Blood culture diagnostics for adults"/punctates with 5-10ml volume


- Blood culture diagnostics for adults

- Points with large volumes

- Inoculum 5-10ml

  • aerobic bottle: Unimedizin MZ SAP-Nr.: 53511421
  • anaerobic bottle: Unimedizin MZ SAP-No.: 53511422

>>> Attention <<<

"Blood culture diagnostics for children" / Small volume samples: blood, liquor, punctates



- Blood culture diagnostics for children (up to body weight 20kg)

- for smaller volumes: blood, liquor, punctates

- maximum inoculum: 3ml


  • Peds bottle: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No.:  53511323

>>> Attention <<<

  • Not suitable for malaria diagnosis: send EDTA blood ("Thick drop", smear, quick test)

Universal eSwab smear system (flock fiber swab)




  • (incl. molecular biological Chlamydia trachomatis diagnostics [PCR])
  • eswab (regular) magenta-colored: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  53509703
  • eswab (mini) orange-colored: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  53509501

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Virocult smear set for all virological smears - also influenza


For virological swabs only

e.g. PCR for influenza / parainfluenza / RSV etc.

  •   Virocult: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  53511660

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Urine monovettes

  • Urine monovettes: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  53501292

Test tubes for stool samples


(1) yellow:
  intestinal pathogenic bacteria

(2) white: molecular biological detection (PCR): amoebae, lamblia, cryptosporidia, clostridium difficile-toxin [incl. C. difficile antigen (GDH)]
Baermann test (Strongyloides)

(3) green:  Testing for parasites and worm eggs (except Strongyloides, see above)

Please close screw cap firmly.

(Information on Strongyloides diagnostics (Pdf-file, 521,1 KB))

  • yellow: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  53508857
  • white: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  53507922
  • green: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No.:  53507920

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Sterile tubes for liquid samples


  • single tube sterile packed

  • suitable for:

    • liquores
    • punctates
    • flushing liquids
    • catheter tips

  • Please close screw cap firmly.
  • sterile tube, black screw cap: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  53505923

Tubes for samples from the respiratory tract


- white screw cap / graduated (30ml)
- for sputum, tracheal-, bronchial secretion, BAL, ejaculate

- for gastric secretion on mycobacteria: Use tubes with buffer addition!

Please close screw cap tightly.



  • tubes graduated, white screw cap: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No: 53507744
  • tubes with blue screw cap: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No: 53516446
    (alternative product in case of delivery problems)

Test tubes for mycobacterium tuberculosis (TBC) from gastric fluid


 - for diagnostics: "gastric fluid on TBC" (blue sticker)

- Gastric fasting secretion: 2-5ml
- Gastric lavage fluid: 20-30ml

- Do not dump the buffer substance contained
  (crystals dissolve again on contact with the sample)

  Please close screw cap tightly.

- observe shelf life indication on tubes (1 year)
  (reorder in time)

(Information on TBC diagnostic (Pdf-file, 876,0 KB))

  • tubes white screw cup with buffer -  for gastric fluid on mycobacteries
  • order directly via the Institute of Med. Microbiology (Phone: +496131 / 17 - 9158)

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Sterile screw vessels for tissue/biopsies



suitable for:

 - larger pieces of fabric
 - protheses
 - implants

- insert patient sample contamination-free   
- pour some sterile saline solution over it

Please close screw cap tightly.

At the Institute of Medical Microbiology, these transport media are sterilely packed in different types of packaging sizes. (order via: Phone: +496131 / 17 - 9158)




suitable for smaller fabric pieces like
 - heart valves
 - necroses
 - biopsies


-  single sterile packed
-  moisten the sample with a little sterile saline solution

Please close screw cap tightly.

  • Sterile screw vessel small, yellow cap: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  53507745

For sensitive / difficult to collect patient samples with special culture requirements:

Portagerm Pylori


for "special" biopsies:

- for all biopsies for Helicobacter pylori -culture
- for all biopsies outside regular working hours
(delayed transport or preparation possibilites)
- sensitive samples with suspected anaerobicity

- organize quick transport to our laboratory

  •      Portagerm Pylori: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No: 51762117

Port-a-Cul Tube



for punctates:

- with foreseeable longer transport time
or delayed preparation possibility
- in any case, organize rapid transport to the laboratory

  •             Port-a-Cul Tube:  University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  XXX

QuantiFERON®-TB Gold PLUS - FROM AUGUST 2017: Luer/Sarstedt adapter with new SAP number


Information on QuantiFERON®-TB Gold PLUS (Pdf-file, 876,0 KB)

August 2017: change to new sampling set with Luer/Sarstedt adapter
- Pharmacy information letter
(Pdf-file, 288,7 KB)- NEW SAP order number -

  • QuantifFERON-TB Gold PLUS  Single Patient Pack: University Medical Center MZ SAP-No:  53511965

Important note: Before filling the Quantiferon tubes, the tubing of the butterfly must already be filled with blood, otherwise the inoculum of the first sample tube is not adequate and sample determination is impossible. This necessary so-called "priming" of the butterfly can be achieved by filling a normal blood collection monovette.




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